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about buddhi

buddhi is the digital platform reimagining support for people coping with cancer. We bridge the disconnects caused by cancer through content, community and curated products.  We’re on a mission to support healing across your entire cancer experience — regardless of time, diagnosis or geography. Because everyone could use a bud.  

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What our buds say


"[Before buddhi,] I never really felt like I had that support, not just from friends and family, but from people that had been there before, had gone through it."

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"This community has been so warm and welcoming. No matter what type of cancer you have been through or have been a caregiver for. buddhi is about community and doesn't discriminate because we know cancer sure doesn't."



"I was lucky enough to have loving support from family and friends in treatment, but never met anyone my age who was a cancer survivor. I wanted to talk to someone just like me, someone who could truly understand, who was intimately familiar with my experience."

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